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Pro Data DoctorTM

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Thanks, I managed to retrieve my very important documents back. Many thanks for an excellent piece of software


- Prifllandysul

Thanks -- the product seems to be doing the job; I'm VERY relieved.

-Ari Kahan

Wonderful software!!!
Add google-ad on your site so we can click on it for a return.
Thank you for the password unmask
- Arab

I'm working now with this software.
The first files I have recovered. It's working very well.

Best wishes Clemens Urban from Germany

Just finished using the product and it worked.

-Derek C. Apedoe

I would like to congratulate you on your product. It is the only one I have been able to find that can read the damaged disk.

It recovers the directories and files on the disk.

Many thanks!

Craig Hayman

Thanks for your software. I have it working... I can now retrieve the data off the disk using your software.
Excellent! It saved my lot of time and effort.

Many thanks!

Craig Hayman

Thank you so much for all of your help...not only was I able to download the program but I recovered vital data on the 1000+ soldiers I have treated here in Iraq!

Thank you so much! I will recommend you/your company to anyone needing recovery aide in the future!

CPT Bassett

Heather Bassett CPT, SP
Brigade Physical Therapist
1/34th BCT
Camp Adder, Iraq

Thank you - It worked and now has saved all data from a 128MB pen drive

Thanks again.

Robert Archer

Your software recovered the data I lost quite well. I don't know if I will even need to use it a second time, but this recovery earned its cost to me.

John Pearcy
System Engineer
Viewpoint Systems, Inc.
Rochester, NY 14623

Thanks for the quick reply!
Thanks for the software. The program rocks!

Teddy Schaffer

Thank you so much for your product help.
The program worked so well and rescued all my holiday photos that I thought I had lost.

Have a happy Christmas and a great New Year.


Hugh Logan

All seems to be working fine now.
Thank you for your very good software.
Kind Regards,

Scott Macdonald
Destination Air

Excellent product, I just returned from Holiday in Bangkok, memory card developed fault after 4 days of very exciting recording in Bangkok, but your product was able to recover all the files, this made me very pleased.

Dhanji Bhudia

Thank you for fast and good service.
The recovery program did its job ;o)
Thank you again.

Yours sincerely
Service & Co.
Jani Mujunen
Project Manager

Many thanks for your very quick response. The SIM card reader that you suggested is compatible.

By the way – whoever it is that does the graphics for your software or website does a fantastic job.

Cheers and my fondest regards to you and India!

Mick Reehal

I just wanted to mention that the Windows Data Doctor Recovery tool is a really great product; it's rare that something impresses me enough to warrant me sending a message back mentioning just how well it has worked!!
Again, I was quite pleased with the results of the software. The pros of the software are quite extensive, including a simple user interface, extremely effective performance, it's also efficient in producing superb results, and I was also quite pleased to see that it could save a log file of the information it had found in case you had to stop after scanning, and couldn't be there for the recovery process. (That was VERY useful to me!!) I bought it, and have been quite thrilled with the results it has provided me. Thanks for producing such effective software and for sitting through my ramblings over it. The software is simply great, though pricy, but i admit that it's certainly not the pricyest, so I can't complain too much (I did pay it after all, it had been TOO MUCH then I wouldn't have)

Thanks again,