Free trial website status tracker tool records each website uptime downtime performance records error messages low bandwidth connection failed or site excessively slow generates report in text or HTML formats

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Website Monitoring Tool

Website Monitoring tool monitors the peak performance of the websites and conveys you about its status every minute simultaneously from a global monitoring network. The reliable, simple and secure website traffic monitoring utility alert you with the unavailability of your websites on the server and alerts you if webpage error or website performance problem occurs with the support of all major server protocols like SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3 and FTP. Eliminate the risk of failed internet transactions and loss of revenue and credibility.

Real Time Website Monitoring software keeps a frequent watch on the website to ensure the uptime, downtime, response time and ping status of websites and alerts the user with sound beep and sends an email notification in case of error messages like ‘host not found’, ‘server not found’, ‘connection failed’, ‘low bandwidth’, ‘low connectivity network status’ etc.

Price: $45

Website Monitoring Tool

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