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Sim Card Data Recovery Tool

Sim card data recovery software is easy to use application tool that recovers all deleted text messages (known as SMS) and saved phone book contact numbers from your mobile phone sim card. The software allows viewing all deleted text messages and stored contact numbers from all popular 3G/GSM technology supported mobile phones. The advance feature in the software generates detailed report allowing viewing date and sending time of the text messages.

As the number of mobile phone users has increased recently, the data loss from the mobile phone too has increased. The software examines your postage size sim card with the help of USB card reader (any phoenix type USB sim card reader or PC/SC Standards based sim card Reader) and recovers deleted information quickly and accurately.

Price: $69
Select Card Reader Type
Insert you SIM in the card reader and connect it to the PC. Select its type and click on "OK" to proceed further.
Recover Sim Card Data
Select the Sim Card Data option to recover the lost data. You can see the SIM details on the right panel.
Recover SMS (Text Messages)
Select the SMS (Text Messages) option to recover the lost SMS from the Sim Card.
Recover PhoneBook Number
Select the PhoneBook Number option to recover the lost contact numbers from the Sim Card.

Key features: