MySQL to MSSQL database converter converts entire or selected table records from MySQL to MSSQL database structures easy migration process supports database integrity Unicode architectures

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MySQL to MS SQL Database Conversion Tool

MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Tool provides easiest way to convert your MySQL created database records into Microsoft SQL database server in few minutes time. Database Conversion Utility has full support of table’s structure with rows and columns, key constraints, indexes, data types and attributes.

Data Doctor’s MySQL to MSSQL Database Migration Software converts full structured database as well as tables (either whole or selected tables) from MySQL database server to Microsoft SQL database. New records can be inserted; existing records can be viewed, updated, modified, altered and deleted very easily after the database conversion. Easy to use and install database converter software proves to be a powerful tool for the database conversion as it converts the database records in a systematic manner provided with excellent GUI interface.

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Price: $45

MySQL to MS SQL Database Conversion Tool

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